The case for wave power renewable energy generation

A short introduction by Emmanuel Alen – Wavepower CEO – Q12023


“Without energy we are nothing! Without the Sun’s energy, Earth would be a dark desert floating in space, in fact without the Sun most likely our planet wouldn’t exist to begin with. In an individual level, energy is what drives a person to exist and to be, and without energy our society would decay into an uncivilized way of life, and modern civilization as we know it wouldn’t exist.”


A little background about where we are today in energy generation.

Until the beginning of the 1800 the World was mostly running on biomass sources of energy, with an estimated global energy demand of around 6,000 TWh (Terawatt-hour or 1,000 million kwh), the World’s population then was around 1 billion people. Only from the mid-19th century that fossil fuels became more available and used as a primary form of energy. In 1859 Edwin Drake developed deep pipe lines into bedrock for oil extraction, thus making crude oil more available. Also oil refining became more advanced with the surge of Gasoline and Diesel, industry and population Worldwide took off.

Today the World’s population has passed 7.8 billion people (2021), an exponential growth since the 1800’s, and our energy demand grew even faster, 30 times over adding to 180,000 TWh consumption. We can only conclude that the demand for energy will keep growing rapidly as we move forward. Even so the World’s population is expected to stabilize in the coming decades, we will with no doubt make use of more technology powered by electricity, and many developing economies will likely increase their electricity consumption times over as they develop further.

The biggest conundrum we face is that our capacity to generate energy is not growing as fast as our demand for it. Essentially the World is in big trouble as far as clean energy production. Conflicts, pollution, Global warming, other environmental issues, lack of development, peak oil, dephasing of traditional power generation and many other reasons are stalling our energy development. To make things worse, we are migrating our economy too fast from fossil fuels powered machines and cars into electrical alternatives. For example, abolishing diesel and gas cars over electrical vehicles in several major population center across the World by 2030 seems to be a radical change once you look at the details closely, and no one asking where is the electricity and electrical infrastructure to drive all these EVs will be generated from. We only have to conclude that the direction we are moving towards is at least unsustainable. Ultimately, unless innovative new forms of energy generation can be implemented in short notice to revolutionize the energy market, the World economies will be in trouble sooner rather than later.

Something has to give, either we develop new powerful, cleaner and cheaper energy sources to power our future or our society as a whole could face drastic negative consequences.

Wave power can be one of the solutions that can help unlock our energy space.


Wave power energy

A viable commercial wave power energy generation solution has been attempted for decades. However, no design or solution has achieved a wide spread commercial application until now. The good news is that many new companies are surging in to the space trying to develop new ideas. However most existing wave power programs today are still either under development or no longer active due to its cost benefits. In other words, wave power energy is still an untapped natural form of energy that has the potential to revolutionize the renewables energy industry.

The common reason many think wave power hasn’t been developed yet is primarily due to the cost of a working generator unit with a viable energy output, simply put, no wave power generator developed until today can generate enough energy to pay for itself and have a positive energy output worth. Another reason blamed for the delay in wave power development in the past, is the long time that can take to develop a viable generator in the investor’s perspective perhaps. These reasons among others tented to be jamming wave power energy development in the past and wave power remains mostly an unexplored field.


Why we should develop wave power now!


  • The World desperately needs more energy generation now, especially from cleaner methods.


  • Today we are still using over 83% of fossil fuels in between Oil 31.2%, Coal 27.2% and natural gas 24.7% (2020) as the main source of energy for the World. Followed by Hydropower 6.9%, Nuclear 4.3% and all the other alternative forms of energy generation (5.7%) including renewables solar and wind. Hydropower and Nuclear despite being efficient when operating, have environmental issues such as mining or displacement. Truly, only less than 5% of all energy generated today is from renewable sources of energy. But these methods are not 100% clean. The manufacturing of solar panels and wind power turbines is not as cheap we would like, also the disposal and recycling of old decommissioned units is a problem. Therefore, the real clean output of renewable energy is not entirely the advertised clean energy generated. Viable wave power energy generation can help slow down our dependency from fossil fuels and give us more time to develop other smarter ways to generate energy.


  • If we don’t develop it, someone else will! It is a unique opportunity to make it happen! Today we have more tools at our disposal than ever before to make viable wave power solutions that can capture the endless energy of the ocean waves.


  • Wave power have the potential to be the most powerful source and method of renewable energy in the World. Perhaps like the race between the turtle and the inconsistent rabbit, where despite being slower the turtle ends up with a better result for just being consistent throughout the whole process, a wave power generator that has the potential to operate 24h a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with the never-ending movement of the ocean waters, could potentially generate more power than other renewable methods.


  • Wave power generators would also have a smaller foot print and environmental impact than wind and solar as our research shows. Its implementation and logistics are less costly and easier to manage in a centralized system. The Wavepower generators could operate nearly anywhere in our ocean shores, in practically endless locations across the planet, and nearly invisible as the units would function mostly submerged.


Why Wavepower ltd has what it takes to design and develop a viable commercial and profitable wave power generator.


  • Believing that nothing is impossible and seeking success above all!


  • Unorthodox thinking and hands on strategies.


  • Utilizing mass brain power to achieve in a shorter time what others will take longer.


  • Simplicity and low cost of production as a core in development. The Wavepower team believes that it can develop and manufacture a wave power generator for commercial applications that is affordable, long lasting, simple to manufacture and that out pass many times over its cost of production.


  • Wavepower aims to make a working product to be commercialized in less than 3 years if conditions are right.


Do you want to know more about how you can become an investor? or are you looking to join the team? In any case, let us know, send us an email and tell us how we can work together to make wave power a viable renewable source of energy for the World.