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Wave power the way forward

The source of endless low cost renewable electricity generation.

Our generators will be simple, cheap to manufacture, and potentially will offer better cost benefit than other existing renewable systems.
Wavepower generators have the potential to generate energy 24hs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in an endless cycle.

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How wave power renewable energy will revolutionize the world.

The Cells

 How do they work?

Wavepower ocean wave generators, are connected in cells or 6 units being one a distribution unit. The units have the potential to generate energy at any time, as long as the waves rock the generators. The power is then transferred to the shore via submerge cables to a transformer unit connected to the grid.
Wavepower front page
Wavepower front page
Wavepower front page
Wavepower front page


  • Renewable power on demand for hire.
  • Potential to generate energy at all times and weather conditions.
  • Wavepower logistics team provides all schedule maintenance and support.
  • Very low impact and and 100% environmentally friendly.


Simple technology
It consists of a combination of mechanical known systems combined that operate in unison.
Cheaper to manufacture - Possibly with a better cost benefit than other renewable technology systems.
Clean technology
Cleaner to produce and decommission than any other renewable technology, and all parts are reusable or 100% recyclable.
Fast deployment
It can be deployed and installed very quickly, units come ready to generate energy. Once the location is surveyed and prepared, it can start generating energy immediately after the cell is assembled.
Roadmap 2021 / 2024

Project Plan

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The Team

 Our Strategy and Project Plan

Emmanuel Alen

Entrepreneur with a track record of launching multiple startups. Inventor with an engineering background, behind Neurozapper, EMFExpert and other projects.


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    Developing the renewable energy that the World needs.

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